Fastest WordPress Theme

GreenShift – Smart WordPress Theme

Full Site Editor

Build Extra unique sites with animations


Extremelly Fast

Theme uses unique conditional asset loading, only 2 kb required styles. Nothing is loaded until you use it on page


Customize Everything

Full support of Full Site Editing, customize everything directly on page without any code knowledge


Animation Framework

Nice looking animations is difference between good site and perfect site.
Theme has build in Animation framework


Our products

for creating masterpieces

Change the workflow for your WordPress website and control everything from Site editor without using any extra plugins

Better with GreenShift page builder

The auto-installer will download them all at once

Unique features

of our product

Greenshift theme has everything which you see in any FSE themes like TwentyTwenty Two. But also, we decided to add a lot of unique functionalities which are absent in other themes.


Smart Loaders

Build complex layouts without losing your web vitals


Variable fonts

Forget about uploading heavy fonts to get all weight and style variations, use bundled Variable fonts or upload custom fonts


Easy change global colors

Theme has special color and gradient panel which covers all elements, you can easily change global colors in Style panel


Query Loop patterns

Select one of predefined templates for Query loops and archives or even Index page templates


Template part patterns

Easily change how your header, footer, inner pages are working with predefined patterns for template parts

Extremely Fast

You may see a lot of cool pages which are made in page builders. Problems that they degrade your score on web vitals. In Greenshift we added best solutions to keep maximum speed: conditional asset loading, no jquery, no dependencies, no icon libraries, smart loaders for libraries

Why We Are The Best

What our clients think about us

Leslie Alexander


One of the lightweight theme I have ever used, with many simple yet useful modules which will definitely increase user experience.

Ronalda Richards


Excellent solution if you need something very fast, simple and highly customizable for WordPress FSE.

Cody Fisher


I like this theme, really great for my site, I got very high score on web vitals and it’s exceptional highly customizable .

Suzann Richards


It’s most beatiful FSE solution for WordPress, I like how it’s simple and practical.


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